Persson, Cohen, Mooney, Fernandez & Jackson understands the uniqueness of special purpose governments and particularly fire districts. We serve as general and special counsel to both independent and dependent fire control districts. We have over 20 years of experience working with large and small fire districts. During such time we have formed, merged consolidated, and dissolved fire districts. Our lawyers understand the uniqueness of the fire services and fire district operations. We have extensive experience with fire district governance under their Special Acts and Chapters 189 and 191 of the Florida Statutes. Our lawyers work closely with the governing boards, Fire Chiefs, and administration to provide prompt legal advice on a variety of the legal issues facing fire districts including: public records and Sunshine laws, taxes and assessments, impact and user fees, district merger and consolidation, referendums, ethics laws, procurement, interlocal agreements, annexations, certificates of public convenience and necessity, real property issues and contracts.