Persson, Cohen, Mooney, Fernandez & Jackson, P.A. recognizes that not every dispute results in a quick amicable resolution. We help our clients evaluate their options and choose the best course for their desired outcome. Our goal is to always ensure that our public and private clients get the best representation and the best result.

We serve private clients in the following areas of litigation:


Do you have a problem with your landlord? We have helped our clients save thousands of dollars on their leases by helping with early termination or adjusting the terms of the lease.

Do you have noncompete, nonsolicitation, restrictive covenant, trade secret, or unfair competition concerns? We know the law in this area, what is — and what isn’t – enforceable.

Probate, Trust & Guardianship

Family and inheritance disputes can be difficult and emotional.  We understand what’s at stake and how to protect your interests.

We handle probate litigation cases, including contested wills, undue influence, lack of capacity and misconduct by the personal representative.  We also represent clients in trust and guardianship litigation matters.

Personal representatives and trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries.  They’re required to be impartial, to administer the estate or trust consistent with the governing document and to keep beneficiaries informed.  They may not take an excessive fee or put their own interests before those of the beneficiaries.  When the person in charge of an estate or trust doesn’t do his job, we can help.

Sometimes a family member needs help caring for themselves or managing their affairs.  In those cases, a guardianship may be the best way to protect that person and make sure their assets are used for their care.  We help clients in contested guardianship matters, working with them so that the right person is appointed as guardian and the interests of the ward (the incapacitated family member) are protected.

Do you believe a person misused a durable power of attorney or took advantage of an elderly family member?  We represent clients who care for elderly members and work with them to recover what shouldn’t have been taken.  We have helped our clients in cases involving abuse of the vulnerable adults and related claims for civil theft. 

Malpractice Defense Personal Counsel

When you buy insurance, you expect your insurance company will act in your best interest.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  Sometimes you need a lawyer to remind your insurance company what your rights are as an insured.

If a claim is made against you, the insurance company determines how your case is handled and who your lawyer will be.  When you need a lawyer to protect your interests – and not those of your insurance company – you need personal counsel. 

We represent you when dealing with your insurance company.  We can help protect your assets before an excess judgment is entered.  We know your rights and we’re here to help.